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Solas means "light" in Gaelic. We are a cooperative of private, small, independent gardens formed from the love of and over abundance of bulbs and a few select plants we love to grow.

We are growers, not brokers. We sell only blooming-sized bulbs and all of these bulbs have bloomed for us before they are shipped to you. All of our bulbs are grown from seed with the exception of offsets of some heirloom bulbs we have grown for over 20 years. Exception to this rule being Narcissus suitable for the South which are shipped in mid-October (in years that we offer them--they are all brokered from Texas growers); and of course, the Louisiana Iris. 

We also frequently have rare and hard to find fresh seeds.

We are located in gardening zone 9a along the Gulf Coast of Texas on the remnants of what was once the great Katy Prairie.

We do not collect bulbs from the wild, from old graveyards, or from old homesteads. In fact, we find this practice unethical and ecologically destructive; as well as just plain wrong.

At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of bulbs/plants/seeds as soon as possible. Check back frequently--we also design and update our own website--and therefore, it frequently changes. We also add and subtract from currently available stock as bulbs go dormant for the season or sell out; our offerings tend to be quite "fluid". If you are requesting a specific bulb that is currently unavailable, contact us and we will notify you as soon as its available.

We also have some plants and bulbs under the tab to the left "Specials"--those are things we probably only have a few of and don't normally offer. But for a variety of reasons, we have them at the time they are listed.

We have been actively involved in growing plants and bulbs for well over 20 years. We are members of IBS (International Bulb Society), PBS (Pacific Bulb Society), NARGS (North American Rock Garden Society), SLA (Society for the Louisiana Iris), ADS (American Daffodil Society); TDS (Texas Daffodil Society), and a longtime member of Dave's Garden (dmj1218) and have a 100% positive rating on the Dave's Garden Watchdog at:


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